I remember learning the anatomy of the hibiscus flower when I was
younger. I found myself fascinated with this beautiful flower, which is
indigenous to warm climates. Basically the flower has a soft spot in my
heart; hence when I found it in  I had to have it. My beautiful tribal skirt had to be the focal point of my look. I
incorporated pieces that would stand out on their own, without taking
away from all the pretty flowers. A white cropped sweater,
saddle colored sandals with a horse-bit and matching colored cross-body
bag do the skirt justice. In the spirit of matching prints, which is
huge this season; I decided to throw in a gorgeous multicolored silk
scarf, also featuring my precious tribal flower, the hibiscus flower.


Skirt from Laydee Boutique (get the it here)

Top Shop Sweater

Gucci Sandals
Chloe Micro Cross-Body Bag
Missoni Silk Scarf