Monica Awe-Etuk

Fashion, grace, elegance and a timeless sense of style are just a few words that describe the iconic fashion mind that is Monica Awe-Etuk.

As a child, Monica watched her mother construct garments, and developed an affinity for the clean lines and the fusion of fabrics. As the years passed, Monica would venture towards using her own talent to become a young seamstress. With an intensified passion, Monica spent days dressing up and coordinating ensembles, and eventually acquiring her first job in retail.

Today, Monica’s personal style embodies a timeless fearlessness that is not often duplicated. Her eye for classic pieces, mixed with trendy accessories create elegance and mass appeal.

As a force in the fashion industry, Monica has her sights set on the continued growth and development of her brand. Monica’s ultimate desire rests in her ability to help women to feel confident in knowing how to be stylish at all price points and confident in themselves.

Monica can often be heard saying: “It’s ok to love yourself.” Monica’s ideal client is the professional woman who wants to embody fashion and a sense of style but doesn’t always have time to create cohesive looks that work for her lifestyle.

When asked about the importance of fashion, Monica had the following to say: “Fashion is important because we live in a society that judges women based on appearance. Unfortunately, that will never change. I have noticed that when people look good, they actually feel great. If we have more people feeling great about themselves, the world can be a better place.”

Monica’s vision and passion are always accompanied by action, leading to monumental success in her career. Highlights inclusive of collaborations with dream brand Dior, multiple features in magazines, and recurring features in InStyle, and People Style Watch, have kept Monica on the fashion watchlist.

Monica notes that her greatest success was achieved when she left her job to blog about her passion for fashion and use her gifts and talents to make a living.

With ambition and an affinity for reaching higher heights, Monica’s career shows no signs of slowing down.

Monica has already began releasing her first series of ebooks, and launched her signature Style Master Courses, for those wanting to acquire success in style and blogging. Monica’s personal mantra is Your success lies in your own hands!

Can you guess Monica’s
favorite color lipstick?

Red of course.