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Atlanta blogger Monica Awe-Etuk shares her 10 best 2018 beauty products she will continue to use in 2019

What I am not willing to part with from 2018!

I am as excited about the New Year as everyone else. A new and fresh year awaits us. 2019 is going to be amazing. I can just feel it! But, there are just some things from 2018 I am not willing to part with, like the best beauty products for my skin.

Over the last year I had the opportunity to partner with a plethora of amazing skin and beauty brands. Being exposed to so many great skincare products has allowed me to realize that I have great skin. Because I have facial DPN (Dermatosis papulosa nigra, a condition of many small, benign skin lesions on the face), I have never really paid that much attention to my skin. (I will share more about DPN, and why I decided to remove them this year in my next beauty post).

Even with the black lesions all over my face, I found so many great products in 2018, that allowed me to realize my skin is beautiful and can achieve a perfect glow without filters. So, I’m bringing these amazing products in 2019, and sharing them with you!

Atlanta blogger Monica Awe-Etuk shares her 10 best 2018 beauty products she will continue to use in 2019

Here are the Top 10 Best Beauty Products For My Skin, That I Will Continue To Use In 2019:

  1. Biossance Rose Oil Serum: I love what this product does for my skin. I get that instant glow, without it being too heavy. This serum gives my skin life!
  2. Olay Eye Cream:  I really feel like my eyes don’t look tired anymore! I have experienced irritation when using other products in the past, but this eye cream is safe and effective. BEAUTY POST REFERENCE:
  3. First Aid Face Wash: I started using this one towards the end of the year and I am already hooked. My skin feels fresh, clean, and soft after every use. I use two cleansers, depending on my skin care needs. This one is a little lighter and perfect for the cold, dry weather.
  4. Olay Hydrating Mask: This mask delivers that instant glow we all love. I haven’t used it as often as I should. But this year, I intend to dedicate more time to self-care, and this is on the top of my list of products to use every other week. BEAUTY POST REFERENCE:
  5. Pixie Tonner: I’ve had these products for some time now, but only started using them when the brand sent me a personalized bottle (there is something about personalized gifts that just get you.) Let’s just say I tried it out a few times and I haven’t had a pimple since!
  6. Biossance Mist: I have used this one for over a year and it’s still my go-to when my face feels dehydrated. It has the perfect amount of hydration to combat this winter weather. BEAUTY POST REFERENCE:
  7. Squalane + Probiotic Gel Moisturizer:  What can I say, I love clean beauty. My face always feels good, looks great, and the product isn’t too harsh and full of chemicals. Not a dry spot in sight after using this one.
  8. Glo Skin Beauty Purifying Gel Cleanser: I use this whenever I feel like my face needs a deep clean, especially after a full face of makeup all day. The name sums it all up. I glow for days after using this one.
  9. Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Cleanser: I love this light-weight scrub. I tend to use this on those mornings when I didn’t wash my face the night before. It will clean and wake up your skin, perfectly.
  10. Biossance 100% Squalane Oil: This product is still my go-to! I use it all over my body! It soothes, moisturizes, and softens the skin like no other.  BEAUTY POST REFERENCE:

I am still very much open to trying new things this year, but so far these products have been a hit, and I will continue to use them into the new year.

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