FASHION AND STYLE | August 4, 2021

20 Maxi dresses for the dog days of summer


It’s hot outside y’all, and I am not talking about 70 or 80 degrees! The temperatures in Atlanta have been hitting the 100s, which is absolutely insane! When the weather gets this hot, putting outfits together can be a little daunting. In order to still look chic and put together during extremely hot days, I tend to opt for maxi dresses. Dresses that are flowy, light fabrics and easy to wear. I never go with clingy pieces as they tend to make my skin extremely uncomfortable and irritable. In the process of adding more maxi to my cart to combat the crazy hot summer days, it occurred to me that you guys might also be going through the same thing, hence I have put together a list of 20 amazing summer maxi dresses at all price points, so you don’t have to. Scroll down to check out all the amazing maxi dresses I found to keep you cool and chic even during the dog days of summer. 

The perfect maxi dress will allow you to look chic, and not die of heat. This dress from COS is extremely versatile. It’s light weight, chic and perfect for hot weather.

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$ 125
Gia Borghini
$ 615
Lana Jewelry
$ 1,155
Louis Vuitton
$ 2,180
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My favorite maxi dresses for the hot summer weather
Tiare Hawaii
$ 105
We Are Kindred
$ 424
$ 105
$ 34.99
$ 320
Lost + Wander
$ 70.80
$ 49.99
$ 119.99
Clube Bossa
$ 455
Fanm Mon
$ 269
$ 119.99
$ 125
Ro’s Garden
$ 185

Which dress is your favorite? Let me know with your comments below!



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