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the ultimate fall fashion guide for the everyday girl 2019 – part 3 fall bag trends

2019 fall bag trends

How do you tackle fall fashion? Trying to determine what to buy, and how to complete your look from head to toe can be overwhelming. Putting all these pieces together can equate to an epic wardrobe or epic fail. As someone who loves fashion, but more so love seeing how people style their pieces each season and especially on trend pieces, my goal is to see everyone have a wardrobe that is versatile enough that when you step foot outside, you make a statement whether bold or subtle. In order to ensure you nail fall fashion, I will cover every fashion category. Clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, and hair and makeup, are all categories that I will breakdown to ensure you nail your fall wardrobe. Because there is so much to cover, I decided to break down the post into 4 parts. In today’s post, we cover part 3, 2019 bag trends. If you are no stranger to Awed By Monica, you know that I LOVE bags! I highlight some of the top bag trends that will ensure your style game is on point this season. In addition to highlighting these fall bag trends, I select some of my favorites at all price points. Get your notepads and pens ready to take notes, because you are going to love the selection.


Large clutches

Clutches have made a serious comeback. Clutches have not been a major fashion fall bag trend since 2009, and we have Bottega Veneta to thank for that. The brand’s “gathered” large clutch has been all the rage with no signs of slowing down. While in Paris, I was super tempted to purchase the bag, but I held my guns and stuck to my budget which allowed the purchase of 1 luxury bag, plus I had no where to put it. I was already wearing two sweaters, a skirt, a pair of leggings and a leather jacket lol. I have always been a fan of large clutches as they are great fashion statements.

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Each year designers create numerous bag silhouettes. There is one bag silhouette that is always on trend and that is the tote. Whether it’s a large tote, small, or medium size, you will always find a tote on trend. One of the totes silhouettes on the forefront of fashion right now is the oversize or large tote. Designers like Christian Dior, and Louis Vuitton have made the oversize tote extremely popular. Influencers and fashion girls alike are constantly seen caring large totes not just for travel, but for everyday street style. Not only is the large tote fashion girl approved, but it’s versatile, and transitions seamlessly from work to play.

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Miniature bags

Before you jump on my back about how impractical a miniature bag is, you have to admit there’s something about these little bags that makes them addictive. I have numerous miniature bags that I love and wear all the time. One of the ways I have been able to justify buying these bags is that it prevents me from carrying unnecessary items. Other than my keys, cards, and phone (which I constantly hold), I find that I really don’t need anything else. You will be surprised how little you need to carry around everyday once you start carrying one of these bags. If you have a day event or need a bigger bag for work, you can carry a tote or crossbody bag with your cute little miniature bag, and even use the bag as a wallet. I know this bag is not practical for most, but thanks to designers like Jacquemus, it is a major fall bag trend right now with no signs of slowing down.

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Framed bags

A frame bag is a rigid structured bag. In the past, the shape of these bags have generally consisted of classic square and rectangular silhouettes. However in the last two years, we have seen more and more rigid structure bags in a variety of shapes and sizes. In addition to having a rigid structure, these bags also feature a top handle that adds a vintage, or classic appeal. Frame bags are definitely a major bag trend right now, and elevate your outfit of the day by adding a touch of chic to your look.

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Exotic bags

Exotic bags, or exotic looking bags are huge right now. Regardless if it’s real croc, or croc embossed, snakeskin, leopard print, or lizard, exotic handbags are in. Real exotic skin bags are astronomically expensive, however more and more designers are creating exotic look-alike. Croc embossed bags are the most popular exotic bags right now. Every major designer has created their rendition of the croc bag. It is a bag carried by every major influencer and fashion girls around the world. Because the bag emulates the look of such an expensive bag (real croc can run as high as $100,000), they automatically elevate your outfit of the day. They add a sophisticated and expensive vibe to your look, making it a bag of choice.

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If there is one thing I can say about myself when it comes to fashion, it is that I have the ability to pick the right bags. I have bags in my closet that are literally 10 years old. I have an eye for bags because I absolutely love bags, and I've sold bags for over 15 years, hence I know what will stand the test of time. If there is one thing I would recommend for you all this fall season with respect to your handbags, it is that you have absolute fun with your bags. Opt for color, pick a fun shape, just have fun with it, and watch how your bags elevate your outfit of the day.





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