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How to incorporate 2021 fashion trends into your everyday style under $110

From runway to everyday

A few weeks ago I shared some of the top trends of 2021. Fashion trends such as elevated loungewear, pastels, baggy jeans, netting and more are all trends that are going to be major. I know a lot of these trends can be intimidating; hence I have created this post to show you how easy it is to take these major trends from the runway to every day by sharing three or more options from each trend under $110!
2021 fashion trends, cutouts, the cut out trend & the juxtaposition of masculine & feminine  trend

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When we see trends off the runway, we automatically think that we can’t pull them off. This thought compels you to determine that the trend is not for you. However, following a trend doesn’t mean it must look exactly like what we see on the runway. For example, Alexander McQueen did an amazing job showcasing extravagant sleeves. The brand’s over the top sleeve is avant-garde, and extremely intense, however you don’t have to subscribe to that much intensity to adopt the trend and I show you how in this post. You will find the items I have included below are under $110, and represent each trend. My suggestion show you just how easy it is to be on trend in 2021 without breaking the bank.


You don’t have to spend a tone to get elevated loungewear. Brands like H&M are doing an amazing job of mimicking luxurious fabrics to create loungewear that looks sophisticated and chic.

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2021 fashion trends, elevated loungewear
2021 fashion trends


This is a trend I absolutely LOVE! As I mentioned in my 2021 trend report post, this trend is an extension of the loungewear trend with it’s emphasis on comfort dressing. In addition to wide legs being comfortable, they are classic and a trend that will always be relevant.

Get the trends for under $100


Now that yellow has been named one of the colors of the year, more and more brands are producing products in this beautiful hue, making it readily available at all price points. I love yellow and other pastel colors on trend so, I can’t wait to see everyone in yellow in 2021.
pastel colors, 2021 fashion trends

Get the trends for under $100


This trend is not one of my favorites and that is only because I am yet to find the perfect structure shoulder bag for my style. This might change if I find one I love. In the meantime check out these affordable options that mirror the most sought after Prada option.

Get the trends for under $120




The idea with this 2021 fashion trend is to step outside of the classic shoulder silhouette. You don’t have to have avant-garde sleeves like this Alexander McQueen silhouette, but as long as your sleeves are out-there, you are rocking the trend.

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Romantic silhouettes featuring ruffle details, billowy sleeves victorian necklines, singed waistlines are what you need to look for to nail this look. Here are a few pieces I found under $100 that represent this trend without breaking the bank.
fashion trends, victorian dressing

Get the trends for under $100

fashion trends, 2021 fashion trends, netting, net shoes, net top, dior, fashion trends


I like this trend and I have to say that most of what I have seen is a little pricy, however there are ways to incorporate this trend into our outfits such as net hosiery. I found a few pieces with the net/mesh fabrication and I believe as the year progresses we will continue to see more affordable options available.

Get the trends for under $100


This is one of the easiest 2021 fashion trends to find at all price-points as so many brands offer tailored blazers and pants created in traditionally masculine fabrications. I found so many amazing options from H&M and found some great options on sale. You can simply pair your blazers with beautiful skirts, and sexy slip dresses to achieve this trend. Giving your masculine pieces a feminine touch is easy to achieve and one of my all time favorite trends this year.

Get the trends for under $110


Brands like Zara that are always quick to mimic major fashion houses, are making this trend readily available to all at an affordable price. This silhouettes’s popularity is a direct impact for the need for more stylish yet comfortable clothing options during the pandemic. I am a major fan of both the wide leg denim silhouette as well as straight leg jeans. The one trend we can be sure will be taking a back seat this year is the skinny jean, so get use to the idea of a more relaxed, higher rise jean taking front and center this year.

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Midriff cut-out dresses are not for everyone, however you can still achieve the trend by sporting cut-out tops. Cut-out tops are major and available  at all price-points. I personally love this and think everyone should try this trend this year.

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I know when you think of capes, outerwear comes to mind. However this trend doesn’t only cover outerwear, instead it covers any silhouette that features the cape sleeve detail. Capes are timeless, so I am happy to see this timeless/chic silhouette become a major trend in 2021. there are so many options available in this trend, hence you are sure to find something in this trend to suit your budget.

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This trend is all about making an entrance. As I mentioned in the 2021 FASHION TREND report, we will not see this trend really take centerstage until the end of the year. However, if you come across sequins, metallic, or other flamboyant fabric for less, pick them up now and wear them later!
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Get the trends for under $100

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Will you be rocking these trends this year? Let me know with your comments below! 



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