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  • Happy New year to you and your family may 2022 be so very blessed.
    With regards to some of the points you raised,they definitely rang true in that we shouldn’t feel away to wanting to switch of and enjoy being in our own company sometimes you forget that,that inner voice that rings in your ear maybe telling you something you need to listen to but you are so busy stressing being stressed by other noise that you forget to or can’t hear what’s going on inside your own head last year I had to take a mental step back to focus on what I want for the future as I had touched my 50th without progressing in a career that did not at the time give me any satisfaction I am now working in admin this may not be something to anyone but I have never worked I an office based invimonte I have had take that leap of faith to learn from scratch and I am so happy I did and that’s from just closing out that white noise and being selfish to focusing on me some people will not understand but sometimes you have to learn that you can’t please everybody sometimes you have to please you.
    Be most blessed Monica you have been a joy to whach and I have learnt so much in 2021 from you and I am looking forward to seeing 2022 with you
    Warmest regards
    Leahcar Dzansi xxx

    • Thank you so much for sharing this. So appreciated. I am so happy for you! Self care is not selfish, it’s just the right thing to do! Looking forward to sharing more with you in the new year. Stay blessed and so proud of you for taking care of you! Happy New Year.

  • Hello Monica
    I’m so inspired by your blogs and post. I’m looking forward to watching your videos and getting to know you. I’ve been working on myself by trying to be happy throughout my days. I’m working on mental health and a lifestyle change moving forward and I’m so excited about it. Keep up the great work proud of you and thanks for the blogs. I ‘m ready tor my lifestyle change new clothes new hair and a whole lot of awesomeness.