24 best last minute gift ideas for Mother’s Day

M Mother’s Day is Sunday! Have you determine the gift for that special mom in your life? As a daughter, I want my mom to always know that she means the world to me and her sacrifices will never go unnoticed. So being thoughtful on her gift at times has led me to last minute purchases. Sometimes life gets in the way of things, hence we aren’t able to get that perfect gift on time. If you are beginning to get frantic because you haven’t picked up your gift yet, don’t worry because I’ve got you covered. I created a list of 24 items that are sure to wow all the moms in your life!

There is still time to get that perfect gift!

best last minute gifts for mother's day by atlanta blogger monica awe-etuk

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Still not sure what to wear this Mother’s Day?

If you are a mom and not sure what to wear yet, I got you covered too. Here are a few post featuring Mother’s Day style inspiration, to make sure you look your best on Mother’s Day!
It's time to stop stalling, and show the moms in your life some love and get them the perfect gift this Mothers Day!



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