5 things about ME

I’ve been told that people don’t know who I am. So in 2020, I am making a conscious effort to share a little bit about my personal life, my work life, and everything in between. Here is part one in a series of videos about my work and personal life. I will be sharing these videos throughout the year. This first video dives into five things about me. Questions like; why I hate being the 3rd child, and why I left my job to blog full time are all answered in the video. Stay tuned because the next video will highlight fashion tips and five things you should know about the fashion industry. Don’t forget to like the video, and subscribe to Awed by Monica on YouTube.

Press play to watch my “5 things about me” video

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Didn’t get the answer to what you wanted to know about me? Write the questions you would like to know in your comments below and I promise to answer them.




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  • Thanks for sharing.
    Blogging is really tasking, I came into it with this fairytale belief that everything will just fall in place (which it hasn’t, lol) but it has taught me to be patient, to celebrate every win no matter how small and to believe that ne day my big break will come. xxx