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I went to the beach during Covid19

After long consideration and tons of research, my family and I took a vacation. This year has been anything but normal, but we wanted to create some sense of normalcy by taking a short vacation before the school year started. Being that my son is asthmatic, we knew that traveling by air was not an option. We started looking for beaches that were within driving distance, and in a county that had extremely low Covid 19 numbers. Thats how we found Alys beach.
We had visited Rosemary Beach (down the street from Alys Beach) two years ago, and I was fascinated by the beautiful white houses. I told my husband, next time we come here, I want to stay in those beautiful white houses, and we did. Alys beach is a private beach, hence it made the decision to stay there a no-brainer for my husband and me. I have to admit it is on the pricy side, but considering this was, and is going to be our only vacation for 2020, I felt like it was worth every penny (Scroll down to read why I would recommend Alys Beach).
beach vacation during covid 19, alys beach
W We got a house with a pool, hence we spent most of our time at the house (my kids and I are pool people, but I love the sound and view of the ocean lol). When we did venture to the beach, the beach wasn’t crowded and people safely kept their distance, which made me feel comfortable. The kids had a blast both at the beach and at the house. We also cooked for most of the trip and ordered on our last day.




beach vacation during covid 19, alys beach, h&m kimono, pink kimono

Why I would recommend Alys Beach

The homes are clean and meet all CDC guidelines. The beach is private; hence it was never crowded for the entire five days we were at the beach. With the school year starting, there will even be less people, so social distancing shouldn’t be an issue. The neighborhood was extremely quiet. It’s perfect for riding bikes and taking strolling in the evening. Everyone we saw while we took our evening strolls greeted us with a smile. I highly enjoyed spending time by the beach and the pool. I love the sound of water, and I find it very relaxing.

Lastly, I would recommend a house with a pool, my kids LOVED it! If you make the trip, make sure you take all the necessary safety precautions. Pack your hand sanitizer, mask and always practice social distancing.

Will you be going on vacation during Covid? Let me know with your comments below! 






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  • Hello Monica. I really enjoyed your video on Alys Beach and your website is beautiful. Do you mind telling me how I can rent a house like the one you stayed at? It is gorgeous!
    Thank you tons!

    • Hey love. I know this is a little late, but I basically went to their website and rented the home from management company that runs the beach. I think there is a link in the post.