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Meet the bras that will make you say bra-llelujah!

Atlanta blogger Monica Awe-Etuk tries the new spanx bra-llelujah collection. bra.SPONSORED POST

Warning! This post is going to get real in regards to a problem many of us have face. How many of you after a long day of work can’t wait to get home and take off your bra? The feeling of relief from being freed from the restraints of your bra-straps is priceless! I laugh as I write this because I’ve been there too many times. The shoulder pain, discomfort from the underwire, or struggles with finding a well fitted bra, are all issues women go through when looking for the perfect bra.


The bra struggles are real!

My struggles with bra strap discomfort led me to once again partner with one of my favorite Atlanta based companies, Spanx. This time the focus was not on their shape-wear and leggings, which I swear by, but on their bras. Their best-selling Bra-llelujah collection will literally have you screaming Bra-llelujah instead of hallelujah and dancing with joy because this collection is a game-changer. Not only has the company created an amazing collection, but Spanx is a company for women by women. Their products have been tested on real women like me, this is evident in the fit of their bras.


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The Bra-llelujah collection

Ladies, these bras give me all day comfort, protection, and lays flat on my shoulders. In addition to all that, my first thought when I get home isn’t taking off my bra. The Spanx Bra-llelujah collection features; full coverage bra, underlined full coverage, racerback, underlined racerback, wireless, and bralette.
Atlanta blogger Monica Awe-Etuk tries the new spanx bra-llelujah collection. bra.
The Bra-llelujah racerback and full coverage are my favorites. I love showing off my arms especially during the spring/summer seasons, hence a bra-strap that doesn’t dig into my skin, and doesn’t show on the sides of my narrow straps is a total win. The full coverage gives me the support I crave. I also LOVE wearing white, especially in the summer, this bra doesn’t show through your white clothing and is the perfect t-shirt bra. 

Guys, I love these bras, and I think you will too. Spanx is also convinced that you will love this collection. They are so convinced that they are offering a 30 day trial. If you aren’t completely satisfied after 30 days, you can return it completely free! How amazing is this? So why not give it a try and get your Bra-llelujah on!

 Thank you Spanx for partnering on this post





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