LIFESTYLE | March 17, 2020

My social distancing survival kit

S Social Distancing is our new normal. Avoiding all social gatherings and being at home 24/7 is now becoming a way of life. I have worked from home for the last 4 years, and I am pretty good at it, however this is different. The influx of nerve-racking news, becoming my kids teachers and working full time, has proven to be harder than I thought. Hence I decided I needed to do something to make this work. In order to prevent myself from literally losing my mind, I have come up with 10 things I will be implementing to ensure I don’t go insane during COVID19 social distancing.

1. Watch comedies

I get anxious and I find that watching shows that are emotionally draining are just adding to my anxiety, hence I will be opting for Netflix shows that are fun, and entertaining.

2. Watch a minimum amount of news

I am finding big cable news stations to be depressing. The constant number count has become overwhelming for me, hence when the news comes on my nerves shoot over the roof. I do believe I need to stay informed hence I will cut down my news intake to once a day. World News with David Muir or Canadian News will be my go-to. I find Canadian news to be easier to watch with more information and less opinions, hence CP24 is another option for world news.

3. Create a weekly menu

I don’t know about you, but all I want to do is eat! To ensure I don’t gain a ton of weight, and don’t eat all the food in sight, I will be creating a weekly menu to help me stay on routine. I intend to eat fresh foods that can go bad first before eating items that have a longer lifespan. This will ensure that food doesn’t go bad and if this thing gets worst, I am prepared.

4. Allocate time to my kid’s school work

I intend to dedicate 1-2 hours of my workday to spending time with the kids. In order to ensure they don’t drive me crazy throughout the day, I know I have to create time for them for their schoolwork, hence I will have to work earlier or later to make

5. Give my kids week-day screen time

My kids are not allowed to watch television during the week, however because they are stuck at home 24/7, I believe giving them 2 hours of educational TV will be good for them and for my personal sanity.

6. Date night with my husband

Because we are at home 24/7, I believe now more than ever, we need to add more romance to our lives. Our dates will either have to occur while my kids are having their screen time or sleeping. The plan is to dress up for date night, have a glass of wine, talk or watch a movie after enjoying a great candle-light homemade meal!

7. Game night with the kids

Now is the time to dust off the game boards and have fun with my babies, hence this is something we will be doing on a regular.

8. Read the Bible

Now more than ever do we need to be still and listen to the word of God. I know God’s got this, but my nerves tend to get the best of me, hence a reminder from the word of God is necessary for me.

9. Mute negative friends

  I find that there are people who live for drama and fear. Although we should all be concerned about COVID19, there are some that thrive on the chaos surrounding Social Distancing, and I don’t have time for that.  All such friends will be on mute until further notice because my nerves cannot handle any negativity during these trying times.

10. Virtual girls and parent nights

  Now more than ever we need social connections. COVID19 might have prohibited us from gathering with 10 or more, however software applications such as Skype and other services can help ensure we stay connected with our friends and others that are also finding it hard to cope.
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I intend to be a positive source for others during these trying times, and I implore you to do the same! Will you be using any of these Social Distancing tips? Let me know with your comments below. Stay safe and healthy my loves and let me know how you intend to stay sane during COVID19 Social Distancing.





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