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4 effective daily routines I use to ensure that I have a successful day

Atlanta fashion bloggers Monica Awe-Etuk shows you how to get ready for a day of success.
How many of you have a New Years resolution and actually stick to it? How many of you have a word you use to define how your year will go and use that word to keep you motivated in the new year? My word for 2019 is SELF. I selected this word because I felt like I was neglecting myself. As an entrepreneur it’s easy to get lost in your work. The more successful I became, the harder I found it to shut off work. That is why I knew I needed to make a change.
I know for me, to be a successful blogger, wife and mother, each year I have to look back to the previous year, determine what adjustments need to be made and what I want to focus on in the new year. I wanted to share my daily routine because as women, we can relate to our daily struggles and if we can share our successes, we all win.

Atlanta fashion bloggers Monica Awe-Etuk shows you how to get ready for a day of success.

Atlanta fashion bloggers Monica Awe-Etuk shows you how to get ready for a day of success.

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I wanted to take 2019 to focus on me. My overall goal for the year is to continue to be my authentic self. Setting attainable goals while focusing on self care became the plan. In addition to focusing on self care and empowering myself, I also wanted to ensure that I also empower women to live their best life while living or chasing our dreams.
Atlanta fashion bloggers Monica Awe-Etuk shows you 4 great daily routines for success

Daily Routine

Like most people, I am addicted to social media. At one point I found myself reaching for my cell phone before opening my eyes! That is why I made a conscious decision this year to stop. I decided that I need to disconnect, and take care of self. On my quest to take care of self, I implemented 4 quick and easy task to get ready for a day of success.

1.Making my bed.

There is something about this little task that truly helps me get the day off right. Not only does this small task create a sense of accomplishment when I rather be sleeping, but it adds a sense of order to my day. When my bed is messy, I truly feel unorganized hence coming home to a made bed is important to me.

2. Reflecting.

By reflecting on the past day and what I want for the new day, I reassure myself that success is right around the corner, and my day will be blessed.

3. Words of inspiration

I read a daily devotional for mothers. I find this to be extremely helpful as it always tends to speak to my current situation. Words of motivation and knowing that as a mom, I am not alone in my struggles has helped a great deal. This allows me to to get my head in the right frame of mind to start the day.

4. A quick workout

Next I head to my basement for a good workout. Time is not something I have a lot of. However working out consistently for 15-30 minutes each day has left me in the best shape of my life. I either do yoga or plyometric. I love a good workout because it gets me motivated, and ready to tackle the day.
Final words, I find by doing these four short task, I prepare myself mentally and physically for a day of success, and happiness. I hope these words help you and I would love to see you give them a try if you are not already. Have a blessed and successful day.





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