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Atlanta fashion blogger Monica Awe-Etuk unboxes new dior belt bag and how I determine which bags to splurge on.Why I am obsessed with Christian Dior

My love for Dior runs deep! I think it’s clear to say I am a little obsessed right now, what can I say, they are making amazing everything! From makeup, to bags, to shoes, to jewelry, name it they make it!  I got my first Dior bag more than fifteen years ago, and it’s amazing to see the growth of the brand. Over the years I have collected numerous pieces; from bags, shoes to jewelry, and don’t intend on stopping anytime soon.

How I determine which bags to add to my collection

I have my eyes on a few Dior bag silhouettes right now, however they are not cheap, hence I tend to be strategic when it comes to adding bags to my collection. Before I purchase a bag I ask myself three questions.

1. Will the silhouette past the test of time

2. Is it versatile

3. Does it work with my personal style

Regardless of how much I want an expensive item I have to ask myself these questions to ensure that whatever I add to my collection holds it’s value, hence making it a great investment. So far every bag I have purchased has been a brand staple, that continues to add value, with prices increasing over the years, and my Dior bags are no exception.

Why I selected the Dior blue Oblige belt bag

Belt bags are one of the hottest bag trends right now, and that is why I had to grab the new Dior belt bag to add to my collection of belt bags which consist of Gucci, YSL, Henri Bendel and more! I choose this bag because of the size, color and versatility. In addition to all these factors, I won’t deny that the fact Dior is one of the hottest brands also played a huge role in my decision.


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  Atlanta fashion blogger Monica Awe-Etuk unboxes new Dior belt bag in blue oblique and how I determine which bags to splurge on.


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