FASHION AND STYLE | November 12, 2012


Being a new mom I refuse to not be stylish, however every now and then comfort is a must. For this look I decided to pair up a pair of  brogues, a silk skirt and a denim and leather jacket. Never be afraid to pair items you think usually should not work., It works if you make it work!!!

These Brogues give the look a chic preppy look.

 Accessories will make or break any outfit, just make sure you pick the right ones! I decided to put on this fabulous necklace my cousin got me from Italy years ago. I’m a strong believer of not holding onto things but certain items need to stay in the closet! You never know when it will deliver the “POP” effect!

My Look: 
Rag and Bone Leather and Denim Jacket,
Club Monaco Tank,
Talbot silk pleated skirt,
Lucky Brand Brogues
Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy


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