FASHION AND STYLE | November 10, 2012


I’ve been meaning to start this blog forever and I’m super happy that i finally did it. Being home with my new baby and a little push from friends kinda motivated me to start it. I really don’t know where to start, so i decided to start with what’s going on with me now, “Home with baby”. Since I’ve been home I’ve been addicted to a couple of things, good and bad.
I’ll start with the bad: SHOPPING!!!
As a recovering shopaholic, I’ve manage to refrain from letting the beast out however with all this extra time on my hands (between feedings, cleaning poop and playing all the Nick Jr characters with my toddler), I’ve been surfing the internet and every major magazine and decided that shopping was in order. At first i resisted then i came to the horrible realization that i couldn’t fit into my clothing immediately after having the baby and that totally opened the flood gates.
I’ll share only a few pieces and you all can tell me what you think about my finds.
  I recently decided that I NEEDED  a pair of oversize round sunglasses. Motivated by Tom Fords’ oversize round glasses i decided that I would go on a hunt and look for a pair. I didn’t find them but came across a gorgeous Miu Miu pair at an amazing price!

I absolutely love my black Miu Miu oversize sunglasses however they are not the Tom Fords I’d been dreaming about so like any shopaholic I continued my search and found my dream pair. Now I feel fulfilled.

I’ve wanted these Tom Ford oversize round sunglasses forever but couldn’t find them! Thank God Nordstrom had them and now they’re mine! I’m in total love and I highly suggest you grab a pair totally the look of the season oversize sunglasses!!!



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