FASHION AND STYLE | December 1, 2012

ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS…………….. The awed by monica Christmas wish list!

Christmas is almost here so in case you are not sure on what you want or need, I decided to put together a wish list. Every other day until Christmas I will add a fabulous item (fashion related of course), that is a must have in your closet on the wish list and I’ll even throw in the occasional suggestion on what to get for the men in our lives too! Details on each items and estimated cost will also be featured in the blog. I’m super excited about the wish list and if there is something you think I’m missing feel free to share your favorite ideas on my Facebook page!
Happy holidays lovers

The first item on the wist list is:

Charlotte Olympia Priscilla Pump.
I absolutely adore these heels. The construction and workmanship of the silhouette of the shoe gives the illusion of stepping on a platform! They are sexy and comfortable, cost $895 or £665 and are available in a variety of colors on the various websites listed under shoes. 

I picked this particular finish on the shoe because it’s sparkly and totally season appropriate!

The blue on blue glitter is stunning.

A rainbow of colors at :

The Heel measures approximately 145mm/ 6 inches with a 35 mm/1 inch platform. Glittering Priscilla by Charlotte Olympia is a beautifully designed court shoe trimmed in matching  grosgrain. These fabulous heels will add a touch of  sparkle to any outfit this season. A festive favorite. 


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