FASHION AND STYLE | January 23, 2013


The first time I laid my eyes on this skirt, it was totally love at first sight! I love a great long skirt and if you are lucky enough to find one this well made you’ve totally scored! A great full long skirt should always be paired with a narrow top. Anything loosely fitted will add too much volume hence making you look way to big to pull off such a look. I opted for a fitted leather jacket with a huge collar. Shawl collars do a great job of framing the face hence complementing a beautiful fedora. I totally felt very wicked witch of the West in this look, all that was missing was a broom lol!  I loved the fact that this look is comfortable and bordering on a high fashion look. You can definitely look as fashionable as you like and still stay super comfy. To complete the look, make sure you wear the highest heels in your wardrobe, that way you look like your gracing the runway streets to wherever you are going ! 

Veda Leather Jacket
Theyskin’s Theory Skirt
Louis Vuitton Epi Pochette
Elisabeth and James Booties
Helene Berman Fedora
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