FASHION AND STYLE | March 15, 2013


definitely not the biggest fan of plaid, however when I found this
amazingly cute skirt at a price that would make your mouth drop I had
to have it! I wanted to make my find the focal point of my outfit
however in order to achieve that I needed some substantial pieces to
take this short fun skirt to the next level.
A suede shirt served as the best piece to compliment the skirt
without taking away from the skirt. Black tights and super high booties
made my long legs look longer and who doesn’t want longer legs! An
equestrian hat and a brooch were the final pieces to make my great find
look like a million bucks!
So if you find a great item that doesn’t cost a lot but you love
anyways, use the amazing one of a kind pieces in your wardrobe to take
your look to the next level.

Danier Leather Suede Shirt
Top Shop Plaid Skirt
Spanx Hosiery
Elizabeth and James Booties
MiuMiu Handbag
Saks Equestrian Hat
Vintage Broach

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