FASHION AND STYLE | April 12, 2013


Ever since having my gorgeous baby last August, I have been a little apprehensive about wearing fitted pieces especially pieces that hug my abs. Then one of my girlfriends showed me this amazing skirt she got on an online boutique. It was fitted but had ruffles around the stomach and the waist was cinched  focusing on my waist and my legs. Let’s just say I got the skirt and a ton of other pieces! If you want something to camouflage your stomach area without settling for all black, opt for a skirt with color around the stomach, but done right! (get the skirt here!!!) a black muscle-tee shirt compliments the skirt and almost makes the skirt look like a dress. Edgy sandals, a statement necklace also featuring blue or whatever color you have featured on your skirt and of course great hair all work together to create a cool fun-fitted day or night look that complements any figure.

Skirt from
Majestic Tee-Shirt
Anthropologie Blue adnd Sliver Necklace
Clear Balls from Saks
Alexander Wang Sandals
Tiffany Silver Bead Bracelet
Invicta Reserve Watch



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