I know, I know,  another black and white look, but get use to it because I’m sure I can dress in black and white everyday for a month with the amount of black and white pieces I have in my closet! What can I say, I love it! Adding texture to the mix just makes it even better. Lace is sexy, classy and very much in-style. If you want to switch up your black and white look add texture and play around with fabrics. A simple lace top and a white with black piping silk skirt is classic simple and elegant. Classic pumps with a bit of an edge (I have leather spikes on the back of my heels) are a great way to add a little ‘different’ to this classic look. I thought it would be too boring to do a black bag so instead of black add a fabulous neutral like taupe, it is a great way to complete a classic, sexy, simple with a bit of an edge look great for the street run-way!

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