Red is totally a sexy color however
there is something even sexier about the perfect combination of red and
orange. The blend of the two colors truly looks like a flame. Great
sexy silhouettes don’t just come in  tight forms. Narrow, knee-length
dresses create a sexy slim silhouette. The look is sophisticated and
elegant and literally adds inches to your height and which girl doesn’t
want to be 6feet tall. A great pair of stilettos, a fab clutch, cool
shades and a statement necklace, all in the right colors compliment the
the outfit. Marrying the flame color with a narrow dress creates the
perfect inferno, a dress that is sophisticated, sexy and totally
complementary to almost all body types.

Reed Krakoff Dress
J Crew Shoes
Reed Krakoff Clutch
Dolce and Gabbana Sun-Wear
Accessories: Michele, J Crew.