FASHION AND STYLE | July 12, 2013


Although I am a true pink girl there is something absolutely gorgeous about shades of blue, especially light blues shades. This dress is super old however I bring it out every summer season because it absolutely shines without being overwhelming. A blue tie-dye  dress featuring different shades of blue is perfect for a day by the pool or just a fun day in general.  As the dress also showcased other colors like red and orange it was easy to accessorize without taking the focus away. If you are shopping for a great blue maxi tie-dye make sure blue is the focus however you also want to make sure it has a few other colors here are there, that will make accessorizing it easy.  If you decide to buy an all blue dress, accessorize with neutral colors that with compliment the blue.

T Bags Dress
Tom Ford Sun-Wear
Gucci Sandals
Celine Luggage Tote
Accessories: David Yurman, Michele, J Crew.


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