FASHION AND STYLE | August 14, 2013


I love grey! Okay not has much as I love fuchsia but it is Def one of my faves. If I had my way I would wear a sweatshirt with a cool bottom almost everyday! I think it is so stylish and even more cool when paired with shorts. There is something about grey that is cold yet stylish and the fact that it is a complimentary color makes it look great on my skin! I put black accessories over this grey look to really allow it to pop, making my black jewelry stand out without over powering it or my shoes. In the spirit  of feeling grey I threw in a grey bag making this the perfect all grey with a hint of black outfit. 

Club Monaco Sweat Shirt
Club Monaco Shorts
Pedro Gracia Sandals
MiuMiu Tote
Accessories: J Crew, David Yurman, Michele, Ippolita


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