FASHION AND STYLE | August 12, 2013


I try to be as practical as possible when it comes to what I wear but sometimes I am just like what the hell, I am going to wear what I feel like regardless the season and I am going to own it. This was one of those times. My blazer worn as a top is made of cool wool which is a perfect option for summer because it is not heavy. The jacket has no lining also making it lightweight and season-less (you got to love Alexander Wang’s workmanship). I wore the jacket over a twill skirt and belted the jacket to give it an edge. I also chose a brown belt to pick off the black on brown detail of my boots. I did not want a complete blackout look so I threw in the brightest color in my closet, in the form of my Fuchsia bag. Weight and a little color is the key in creating the perfect summer black outfit.

Alexander Wang Jacket
Banana Republic Skirt
Burberry Porsum Belt
Jill Sanders Booties
Valentino Bag
David Yurman Pearl and Diamond Stud Earrings



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