FASHION AND STYLE | November 9, 2014


It is time to go shopping lovelies and because I love my followers so much, I am inviting you all to come shopping with me! Trust me I am the best shopping buddy ever as I can justify anything, my friends, family and clients can attest to that! High or low,the only thing that matters is your budget and if you want to step out of your budget just a little don’t worry, I won’t say a word.
Until the season is done each month I will highlight a couple trends to emulate. Then each week I will post a must have item for your shopping cart in various price-points and whenever I find an amazing steal I will definitely keep you posted.
This week we might find studded shoes and next week lace bags, it doesn’t matter, the key is to fill our carts and look extremely stylish and on trend this season.


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