I have summer glowing skin in the fall thanks to these skincare products!

I It’s a new season, and that means new beauty products! Now that fall is here, I figured now is the time to share my skincare progress with you guys and some of the products I have been using to achieve glowing skin during the dry fall weather. Earlier in the year, I shared the products that I used during the warmer weather with you guys. I also mentioned that I switch products with the new season to ensure that my skincare products meet the needs of my skin accordingly. During the fall I tend to look for products that add and lock moisture to my skin. When the temperatures started to drop, and I found my skin becoming drier, I introduced Tata Harper’s Water-Lock Moisturizer with Skin-Smoothing Peptides to my routine. I added this product to ensure that my skin retains that summer glow I absolutely love and all I can say is that my skin looks and feels amazing! Talk about adding luxury to your skin. Scroll down to see all the Tata Harper products I added to my fall beauty routine, why these products are game-changers, and why you need to add them to your skin routine.
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tata harper clean beauty products, skin products for fall
tata harper clean beauty products, skin products for fall
I have to admit, I am a little hesitant to add new products to my skin care routine because I never know how my skin will react until I try a product and I have had some bad experiences in the past. Because of that, I try new products exclusively for a week, to see how my skin will respond. Let’s just say the one-week trial for Tata Harper was a success, because my skin looks and feels amazing! Tata Harper skin care products are clean beauty products without a drop of synthetic chemicals. The Tata Harper products I introduced have taken over my night routine. The first product I added was Regenerating Exfoliating Cleanser. I love scents and this cleansers smells so good. It’s natural and feels luxurious on your skin! This cleaner is a natural daily exfoliator that buffs and polishes with BHA and apricot microspheres to reveal smooth, radiant healthy-looking skin.
After cleansing, I follow up with Tata Harper’s Resurfacing AHA + BHA Serum. I love this serum because it tackles some of my major skin concerns which are; dullness, Pores, and oiliness. This daily light weight serum feels great on my skin, and works like a peel to resurface, and brighten my skin. After letting the serum sink into my skin, I follow with the Water-Lock Moisturizer. The Water-Lock Moisturizer is also engineered with a sustainable refill system to reduce overall waste, how cool is that! In addition to using the cleanser, serum and moisturizer, I also use the Resurfacing Mask for Instant Glow for instant Glow 3 times a week. The product does exactly what is says and I love it.
tata harper clean beauty products, skin products for fall
tata harper clean beauty products, skin products for fall

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tata harper clean beauty products, skin products for fall

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