FALL | October 8, 2021

The flats you need in your closet now!

Need a pair of flats for fall transition, look no further!


I know it’s officially fall, but it still feels like summer outside! The weather in Atlanta has been all over the place, hence trying to figure out what to wear and what shoes to get can be a little tricky. When the weather can’t seem to decided if it wants to be fall or summer, I tend to reach for my flats. I find that ballet flats are the perfect fall transition shoe. They are great for warm days, and perfect when your feet start to feel chilly. The Sarah Flint Sacchetto Ballet flat is my flat of choice for what I like to call “in-between weather”. They are made with traditional Sacchetto construction, which means the leather lining and insole are stitched together for a flexible, lightweight fit. The 3mm of extra padding makes it feel like you are walking on a cloud!

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In addition to the Sacchetto flat being an extremely comfortable flat, I love the color! The espresso suede is everything! Suede does a great job of holding color, hence the hue is extremely rich. The chocolate color is so rich and looks amazing against my skin, elongating my legs, and I am here for it. I love the way the suede is paired with the tortoiseshell top. Adding the tortoiseshell makes the shoe chic. It also adds interest to the shoes and pairs great with other items that feature the tortoiseshell detail.

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Nothing beats a pair of flats that look great with everything! I am truly obsessed with these shoes, and love how they compliment my pre-fall outfits.

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Will you be rocking flats this fall season? Let me know with your comments below! 



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