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Atlanta Fashion and Lifestyle blogger Monica Awe-Etuk reveals how she transformed her home with rugs from Nourison. Home decor blog.
My love for stylish, well designed pieces is not exclusive to fashion. I love home décor as well.
There’s nothing like waking up to a beautiful space, that you’ve put care and thought into creating. I have been toying with the idea of changing up our dining and living rooms by adding some new floor covering, for a while, hence I partnered with Nourison to help me transform my favorite spaces in my home.

Like Fashion rugs are art

rugs are like art. See how Atlanta lifestyle blogger Monica Awe-Etuk transformed her space by adding Nourison rugs to her home
Like jewelry, rugs can be the perfect accessory. You can make a statement with it by adding pattern and color. Or, you can tie everything in the room together with a solid piece that has just the right amount of texture.  I tend to lean toward making subtle statements, and that’s exactly what I did.
I had the pleasure of visiting the Nourison showroom. It’s an amazing company that offers a collection of luxurious handmade rugs. When I entered their showroom, I was immediately wowed. There were so many beautifully designed pieces from prestigious designer lines.  They carry all price points. You could meet any budget with their inventory ranging from low hundreds all the way to the $10,000’s, if you were looking for handmade silk.
I went in looking to add a little something to our dining and living room and walked away with 2 rugs that have totally transformed our home. My husband and our kids love both rugs, and think they are a great addition to the home.

We added color and pattern to our living room with a blue geometric designed rug. It’s a piece that both makes a statement and anchors the room thanks to the symmetry.
Atlanta Fashion and Lifestyle blogger Monica Awe-Etuk reveals how she transformed her home with rugs from Nourison. Home decor blog.
We included a rug pad, making it extremely comfortable! The carpet is my go-to space for reading a book before bedtime.

We added drama to our dining room with a rug that has a Oushak star medallion as it’s center piece. It really transforms the entire room by giving it a global feel. I am in love with the color, design and overall feel of it. This piece has been the topic of discussion at our family dinners. Everyone loves it just as much as I do. As a blogger, I especially love it because it’s become the perfect backdrop to my photos!
Have tips on accessorizing and transforming a home? Please share, I’d love to hear your ideas!

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