ASK AN EXPERT | April 19, 2019

Ask an Expert – How to make the perfect cheese board in less than 5 mins.

Atlanta fashion blogger Monica Awe-Etuk learns how to make a cheese board in less than 5 minutes from Atlanta food blogger Erica Key
I have to admit I have never made a cheese board. Growing up my Nigerian parents never made them, and cheese was never a big part of our diet, hence it was not something I really thought about. Lately, I have found myself growing fond of various types of cheeses. Some I love and some not so much lol. As I get older, I find myself wanting to try new things, and that includes foods, and hosting ideas. That is why I solicit the help of my friend and food blogger Erica Key from Eating with Erica.
Erica is an award winning Atlanta based food blogger that has been featured on CNN, Good Morning America and more. With her help she shows this cheese board virgin, how to shop for the perfect cheeses, which boards to use and ultimately how to create a cheese board in less than 5 mins. Not only did I not know how to pick the right cheeses, but I was clueless to how many amazingly delicious types of cheeses are available. Check out this video highlighting my experience selecting and putting together my first cheese board.


It’s pretty impossible to mess up creating a cheese board, unless you have all of the same type of cheese on the board. Borrrrring. When creating your board, it’s important to add a variety of cheeses that vary in texture, flavor, colors, and shapes.
Erica Key

Check out Erica’s post on 5 easy ways to create a cheese board here

Final words, I think the video pretty much sums up my new feelings for cheese! My new favorite snack, and something I think you should all try!





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