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Closet diaries – how to organize your closet

I recently did a poll to figure out what everyone wanted to see during social distancing. How to organize your closet was at the top of the list. Now that we all have a little more time on our hands, we want to get organized while staying home. Moving into a new house helped set the stage for organizing my closet. Moving helped me realize how much I had and how much I did not need. In the past I would keep things that had sentimental value, cost a lot, or in the hopes that one day it might come back in style. As a fashion blogger, I learnt that hoarding items based on those reason lead to clutter. In addition to the clutter, it made dressing up a lot harder. Although I got rid of a lot of items from my closet, my new closet didn’t seem to work right for my needs.
Because my new spacious closet did not fit my needs, I decided to take a different approach to getting organized. I did another closet purge. I eliminated pieces; that weren’t on-trend, not in good condition, ill fitting and the pieces that just didn’t work for my present lifestyle. By doing this and a few other helpful tips, I created a closet that worked. I intend on partnering with a closet organization company to create the closet of my dreams, but until then, this will do. In my new Youtube videos, I highlight the mess and reveal my newly organized closet. The video highlights some of the tips I used to make my closet work for me and to ensure that I see and use all the items in my closet. In addition to the videos, I highlight 3 tips to getting organized in a closet that doesn’t work. Watch the videos and comeback to the blog post for my 3 tips.

Watch my closet diaries videos; “The Mess” and “The Organized Reveal


3 tips to getting organized in a closet that doesn’t work


1. Get rid of duplicates and items you haven’t worn in six months-1 year

One of the most important things to do when trying to create an organized closet is to let things go. I know this is easier said than done, however it is necessary to have an organized closet. Most closets become cluttered and unorganized because they are filled with stuff! Not being able to get rid of items that we haven’t worn, items that have the fabric or materials falling apart, duplicate pieces, and sentimental pieces, are all reasons why our closets become cluttered and dysfunctional. Decluttering is probably The most important way to organize your closet, hence the first step is to say goodbye to items that you don’t need.
atlanta blogger wearing adidas by Stella McCartney in her closet, how to organize your closet, how to organize your closet


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2. color coordination and hanger direction

Once you’ve made the hard decision to get rid of items that you know you don’t need, you can start to rearrange the pieces left behind. One of the most effective ways to house the clothing in your closet is through color coordination. Hanging clothing items according to color makes it easier to locate items in your closet. Not only do I color coordinate the items in my closet, but I also store them according to various lengths. By hanging items according to  sleeve and hem lengths, I find it much easier to browse the items hanging in my closet. For example, white spaghetti strap tops are placed in front of white short sleeve tops, followed by white long sleeve tops, followed by white tunics etc. I find that this practice allows for easy browsing through my clothing. I learned this technique from years of working in luxury retail. It is easier to sort through hanging items when they are arranged according to length and color.


3. Create a home for everything and put items away

After putting away all my clothing according to color, I find that creating a home for all items in my closet is key. For example, my shoes are placed in their boxes and located in a designated area in my closet. In addition to that, I line up my shoes according to silhouette. Pumps are stacked in one pile, sandals in another, and the same goes for boots and flats etc. When I remove a shoebox from it’s silhouette pile, I know that it goes back in that same pile. This makes it easy to return items to their original place in the closet, and reduces clutter. The same goes for my bags, belts, hats, jewelry, etc. I find that allocating a home for everything in my closet makes it easier to put things back, even when I am in a rush.
atlanta blogger wearing adidas by Stella McCartney in her closet, how to organize your closet, how to organize your closet
& atlanta blogger wearing adidas by Stella McCartney in her closet, how to organize your closet, how to organize your closet  

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