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How to take care of your boots

One question I get often is, how do you take care of your boots? Boots are typically an investment and if cared for well, they can last for years. Here are some tips on how to care for your favorite boots. You can also check out my ultimate fall shoe trend guide here.

How to prolong the life of your boots


1. Weather proof your boots

Waterproof your boots from wet weather by investing in waterproof or stain repellent. This will serve as a barrier against any inclement weather. The key is to treat your boots at least once a week. With suede, it’s best to avoid wearing them in wet weather however, the forecast isn’t always right or we may run out on a clear morning forget to grab an alternate pair or not even catch the weather forecast. Mornings and life are busy. If you find your suede boots have gotten dirty or wet spots, having a suede brusher comes in handy to brush the dirt away while the suede eraser is used to erase shiny spots.

2. Protect your boots from dust and dirt build up

Ensure you wipe down your boots after each wear. I recommend using a dust bag, however if you don’t have one, use a soft piece of fabric to avoid any scratches. Wiping down your boots after each wear will keep dirt and unnecessary dust build up. Storing your boots in a dust bag will also prevent dust build-up.

3. Moisturize the leather

When it comes to leather believe it or not, the same tender love and care you give to your handbags by moisturizing the bag, is the same for leather boots so moisturize moisturize for added protection. When it comes to scuff marks or discoloration, address them immediately with leather creams. We typically wait and forget. Best care for leather boots is address any impurities immediately.

4. Boot shapers

Have your tall boots ever lost shape? Believe it or not they can go from standing straight up to falling to the side. The easiest fix is to stuff your boots after each wear. An inexpensive fix is with newspaper or invest in boot shapers. Many tall boots includes these already in the boots but we tend to toss them. Instead of tossing the insert, hold onto them to keep the shape of boots. If you have tossed them, you can always purchase a boot shaper.

5. Prevent slips and falls

Have you ever come close to a fall in your heels? If the soles of your heels tend to slip, I recommend adding a rubber sole. This will help prevent slipping as the rubber soles add better friction. In addition to preventing slips, the additional sole will protect the original sole and prolong the life of the boot. I’d recommend visiting a shoe repair store to ensure it is done accurately.
Takeaway - the same love we put into ourselves is the same love and care we should put into our boots. Instead of replacing our boots, we can add more styles into our collection.


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