the color to wear to an end of summer wedding

Atlanta fashion and lifestyle blogger monica wearing nigeria designer fia, white sandals-3dress by Nigerian designer FIA factory

J Just because August is right around the corner, it does not mean summer is coming to an end nor do you have to transition your closet to fall attire just yet. In fact, there is still plenty of time to enjoy your summer pieces and slowly transition into fall with softer colors. Colors that still work in summer vs. bright or bold colors as you see in early summer. I recently was asked for styling tips for a summer wedding in mid August and how to style pieces to fit into late summer. When it comes to late summer weddings, you never know what the weather will do. You can have cooler temperatures, leaves may start to change or it can still feel like a hot summer day. Unpredictable summer weather, and trends, call for soft neutral colors. Neutrals work. My go to color for late summer is light pink.

Why light pink you ask!

Light pink or blush is a great neutral color. This hue tends to work on all skin colors and along side almost every hue, making it the perfect transition color. As fall represents a season of change and transformation, a time to reflect and embrace, I love this soft hue which represents grace and elegance, in addition to a token of admiration and appreciation. So as you appreciate all the memories summer brings and embrace a season of change, softer colors are best for the changing season. So what is the perfect way to style light pink for a mid August wedding while remaining on trend for summer and prepping for fall? With white sandals of course!

White Sandals for the win

White sandals are a major trend right now and that is why I paired them with this dress. The shoes do a perfect job of complimenting the dress and ensure the entire look is chic and on trend.


If you have a wedding coming up and need something to wear now and transition into fall, then pick pink, pick light pink!



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