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For most, luxury items are added to our wardrobes on special occasions such as birthday’s, holidays and anniversaries. We usually leave hints for our significant others, friends and family as to what we want. For others luxury pieces are a reward for accomplishments or milestones in our lives, and for the privilege few, it’s a way of everyday life.

Whatever the reason may be, if you are looking to add a little luxe to your everyday style you definitely want to read this post. After reflecting and going over the items in my closet that I have used

for over ten years or sought after for years, I came up with three items that are worth every penny. These three pieces have been on trend and relevant every season throughout my twenty year career in luxury fashion.

Over the next two weeks I will highlight each item in a What Would Moni Wear posts. The posts will showcase the benefits of owning each piece, and why they are attainable luxury items I believe all women should own. First up, the Louis Vuitton tone-on-tone monogram shawl/scarf.


Why the Louis Vuitton scarf/shawl is a forever piece worth every penny

I like to believe that most items in your wardrobe are consider wants, and not needs. However I consider the Louis Vuitton Scarf to be a need for any fashion person, or anyone who loves luxury, and great quality. The Louis Vuitton tone-on-tone monogram pattern signature in weaved jacquard is 60% silk and 40% wool is a great introductory item to this luxury brand. With a 150 year old legacy of luxury and style, Louis Vuitton has proven to be a brand that holds its value. The pieces are beautifully made and the monogram scarf is no exception.

3 Luxury Items that are forever pieces // #1 Louis Vuitton Scarf

The Louis Vuitton Scarf is a luxury item that travels with you

I got my first LV scarf over ten years ago, actually let me correct myself, my husband got his first LV scarf over ten years ago and it still looks the same ten years later. After getting tired of always taking his, and getting the third degree from him for taking it, I decided to get two for myself and one for him.

The Classic Monogram shawl is woven of a soft silk-and-wool blend. Inspired by House travel blankets, it features a jacquard LV pattern and “Louis Vuitton” signature. Generously sized, it envelops the wearer in lightweight warmth. The fabric is deep-dyed for luxurious color. A wardrobe essential, it can be styled in a host of ways and makes a welcome gift.
Louis Vuitton

It was easy to justify adding three new scarves to my collection, because I experienced the quality and the longevity of the scarves first hand. Over the last ten years I have worn his scarf to every and any occasion you can think of. This item is not limited to the fall/winter seasons, but has served as the perfect shawl for summer weddings in cold rooms, and dinners with friends.

In addition to wearing it to weddings and dinners, it is perfect for travel. I love a little cold, but I can’t stand how cold it gets on planes.

I love to be casual when I travel, however I love adding a little luxury to my casual-cool travel outfits. This shawl doubles-up as a scarf and blanket when I travel. The LV scarf has the ability to add an instant touch of class to the most casual looks.

I truly go on and on about how much I love this piece and how I think it is worth every penny, but I will stop here and end it with this. This scarf never goes on sale and has great re-sale value. Being able to hold it’s value, not only makes it a great accessory to complete any outfit, but a great investment piece.


This scarf never goes on sale and has great re-sale value. Being able to hold it’s value,a not only makes it a great accessory to complete any outfit, but a great investment piece.





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