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men's shirt

How to make a men’s shirt stylish and chic

I was out and about, visiting the new Flower Child restaurant in Atlanta, when this nice young woman asked about my outfit. I was wearing my husband’s shirt with my favorite pair of jeans, and she wanted to know how I was able to pull it off.

At first, I thought, I literally just threw this shirt on with some jeans. But, I quickly realized it was more than that. This look was actually one of my favorite casual outfits. The mix of masculine and feminine, loose and fitted, and casual with a bit of a dapper edge, is really worth finding out how to make this look work for you.

I shared my tips with the woman at the restaurant and today, I want to share them with you.

man's shirt

New YouTube Video: How to wear a men’s shirt

Why spend hundreds of dollars on finding the perfect button-down shirt, when you can simply wear your man’s shirt! If your man is anything like mine, their shirts are always pressed, crisp and ready to go. See how I styled my husband’s shirt, and how I make it chic with my easy tips in this new YouTube video.

How to Wear Your Man’s Shirt:

  1. Choose your favorite pair of high-waisted jeans, slacks, or even skirt. Whichever bottom you choose should be fitted to show off your curves and contrast the looser fitting top.
  2. Pair your jeans with a fitted tank, lace bra, or camisole. This should be fitted as well.
  3. Add your man’s crisp, button down shirt.
  4. Now here is where you turn a simple outfit into something worth asking about: roll up your sleeves and scrunch them up a bit, fasten just a couple of your buttons (this is where your cute tank comes into play,) tie the bottom of the shirt and tuck it in.

Once you’ve pulled your look together, check yourself out in the mirror to make sure you’ve tucked enough of the shirt in to still reveal your silhouette.

For even more feminine flair, I wore a pair of jeans with fringe at the bottom, and a sandal with tassels, ruffles, and gold accents.  I brought in some of those same details with a straw purse that is right on trend for the season. It had multicolored tassels that complimented my sandals. I finished the entire look with a pair of white shades, with a dark lens. These are my new favorites. They are fun, sleek, and very versatile.


Men’s shirts that look great on women

High-waist options

I hope these tips help you wear your man’s shirt, well. Be prepared to be stopped and asked how you pull it off.

men's shirt



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