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It is hard to believe Summer has come to a close for us here in Atlanta and that kids are starting school. This Summer was much needed for me after a long Winter and Spring of work, long hours of homework and all of the kids multiple actives.  I enjoyed all of my fun travel, had some great work events, and got to see many friends and family around the world.  With school starting, it means more scheduling for my family and balancing work and family life gets busy! On this blog post, I wanted to highlight some great back to school items for kids. I know everyone has been shopping for the kiddos, here are a few add ons for this year!  

Does your child’s supply list seem to be getter longer and longer??


Scroll to see my favorite items. . . .

Writing Tools

I love any type of writing tool or makers.  I am such a sucker for cute little sets and there are some great brands that make them.  

Shop my must haves
$ 18.00
U Brand
$ 10.99


The options are endless for backpacks.  So many brands makes them these days and you can find cute ones just about anywhere! I have included some classic brands like Vans and Herschel who are notorious for great backpacks! If you love personalization, Stoney Clover and Pottery Barn offer some great options for this. 

Shop my must haves
Stoney Clover
$ 148
$ 74.99
Pottery Barn
$ 79.50

Pen/Pencil Cases

No matter your child’s age, these keep the kids organized for the year. We are always buying these fresh every year because the kids get them so dirty year after year.  There are fun theme ones too, from sports to glitter depending on what your child is into for that particular year.  I kept my choices neutral and ones that any age could use.

Shop my must haves
$ 14.99
$ 10
$ 14.99
Pottery Barn
$ 12.50

Tech Accessories

Whatever age, kids seem to have some sort of tech in their possession.  Here are my picks for back to school items.  On my list is a great middle range priced computer that kids can transport to and from school easily as well as a case that comes in multiple sizes for protection.  Another great affordable pick are these headphones.  They come in a few colors and are a great price point for how many times kids break or lose their headphones.  I also included an awesome LiveScribe pen which allows you to record notes for use later. This pen is fantastic for older kids who note take. 

Shop my must haves
$ 249
$ 17.99
$ 17.49
$ 82.58

I can not believe Summer is ending! When do your kids start school? Are you ready?



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