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Now that the weather is changing my skin care regimen is also adopting to this variation in the weather. I find that when it starts to get colder my skin needs a little bit more moisture to keep it glowing and healthy. So, I decided to share some of the products that I’ve started using and have been seeing amazing results as we move into the colder seasons. Below you will find my transitional skin care must haves!

Scroll down to see my favorite items!

Why I LOVE these products!

I adore rich facial creams like Creme De La Mer, Lancome Absolue and the Elemis Collagen Cream. The Creme De La Mer is a classic, it is luxurious and I like to alternate this with the other ones. The Elemis Collagen leaves my skin firm, and the Lancome Absolue I like to use at night before bed.

I have spoken a lot about U Beauty’s Resurfacing Compound on my channels, so you know this is in my routine already because it is one and done! Their products are luxury on my skin and glide on so well. Bliss is a great line, smells great and this product lathers well. The Lancome Genifique leaves my skin feeling amazing every time and the Absolue Serum is another must have.

I love me some Coconut oil! It is great for all skin types and amazing for your hair. Sunscreen these days is a must. I have spoken a lot about Supergoop Unseen because having darker skin with the white mineral sunscreens are very difficult to apply.  This line goes on “Unseen” and is fantastic.  Skin Ceuticals is worth every penny, it does wonders for my skin. Lastly, my new go to is this amazing exfoliater by Arcona.  I love to exfoliate because it leaves my skin clean and ready for the serums and creams. 

my fav beauty items
U Beauty
$ 228
$ 78
$ 150
Creme De La Mer
$ 570
$ 132
$ 112.50
U Beauty
$ 128
$ 12.50
$ 36
Skin Ceuticals
$ 169

Do you agree with any of my picks? What is your must have skincare item?



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