ASK AN EXPERT | March 30, 2023

My Travel Must Haves


Now that the weather is finally turning warmer, I’m already thinking about my next trip. If you don’t already know, I adore traveling! And of course, I love styling while on my trips as well. This got me thinking, I must have a packing knack because I am never without what I want to wear on my travels. Even my friends have mentioned how well organized my luggage is. So, I thought, why not share some of my packing hacks?

When I’m packing, I like to keep things simple and organized. I like to have enough space to work with and I NEED to know what I’m packing. This is why I like using quality luggage like, Rimowa. I like to use the dual compartments to my advantage when packing. The item that really saves me are my packing cubes. I can fit all of my full-sized items, that’s right full sized, in them and I know where everything is when I land. But nothing is more important than how I plan before I pack. I know what I’m wearing each day, down to the glasses. This helps me loads because I don’t end up overpacking or forgetting anything!

I know finding quality items to travel with can be tiresome so I sourced my favorites for you, below. I also threw in some of my favorite beauty products that come in travel sized options too! Safe travel and happy shopping!

my travel must haves
$ 575
Double Trip
$ 22.99
$ 13.99
$ 12.99
$ 23.99
$ 29.99
Fenty Beauty
$ 30.00
Charlotte Tilbury
$ 29
IT Cosmetics
$ 28.50
$ 22

What is your must have travel item?



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