Oversized blazers?! Believe the hype!

G Guys, it feels like spring in Atlanta! We have had so many warm and sunny days, that I have left winter behind! I know the possibilities of winter weather still rearing it’s ugly head is pretty high, regardless, I have officially entered a spring state of mind and I am not turning back! So, in the meantime, my job is to get you guys ready for spring, and guide your spring fashion and home videos. Today’s video focuses on a spring must-have for all regardless of your size or age and that is the oversized blazer!
A After searching for the perfect oversized blazer for a while, I finally found one I absolutely adore! Blazers have always been considered a wardrobe essential for its ability to elevate and complete an outfit and its versatility. There are so many ways to wear an oversized blazer (belted, over dresses, over bralettes, with denim etc). The versatility of these blazers make them a great addition to any wardrobe. After finding this lilac blazer and seeing how versatile it is in this beautiful spring hue, I decided to stock up on a few more in a variety of colors. Scroll down as I share my favorite oversized blazers in spring colors and neutrals at all price points that are sure to elevate your look for spring.

Shop my favorite oversized blazers in neutral colors

Everyone should have neutral blazers on standby. They can be worn as tops or jackets and do a great job of complimenting any article of clothing they are paired with. Oversized blazers are no different. In addition to all the other blazers in your closet, don’t hesitate to add a few great neutral blazers to your lineup.

Under $350

Over $350


Shop my favorite oversized blazers featuring some of the hottest colors for spring

A colorful blazer is the perfect way to add interest to your outfit. In addition to elevating your look, these colorful  spring blazers will transform any look from basic to fashion forward.

Under $350

Over $350

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Will you be rocking oversized blazers this season? Let me know with your comments below!



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