I went on a shopping spree in Paris

When in Paris, shop!


Boy was Paris good to me! I’m not going to get into my full Paris trip has my Paris recap is right around the corner. Tune in on Friday October 18th, for my recap video and why this was one hell of a trip. In Paris, I decided to buy a few items that I’ve been eyeing for a while. I usually do not wait when I want something and I go out and get it quite quickly. The only thing I actually planned on buying in advance was the Dior book tote. I’ve been eyeing the leather booked tote for quite a while, and on realizing that I would get the bag for almost $1000 less in Paris, made it a no-brainer for me. Knowing that I would save so much money, I decided to buy a few items I needed in my head. Check out my Paris unboxing of my new Chanel addition, and my very first purchase from Hermes.


Watch my Paris unboxing and review videos for my Dior Book Tote Dior Oblique leather, Chanel Keychain Wallet, and Hermes Scarf

You can also check out my Instagram lately post highlighting images from Paris and Marrakech in real time here
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