FASHION AND STYLE | September 3, 2018


revamping your style for fall  

Fashion has always been that thing that allows me to express myself.

I can either dress to fit my mood or allow the mood to be set by my latest fashion find.

The summer has been all about relaxing and luxuriating, while enjoying as much family time as I could fit in. My looks have been cool and comfortable, colorful and fun. My dresses were flowy, my shoes were comfy, and really enjoyed the whole resort feel of it all.

Now we’re moving into fall. This is one of my favorite seasons to switch up my vibe. I am totally inspired by layers, textures, and overall mood of the trends. This is the season I like to mix things up a bit. It’s not too hot anymore, but also not too cold. There are still warm days, but much cooler nights. Hence I decided to seize the opportunity to really express myself by mixing some of my favorite wardrobe pieces to really showcase the trendy, edger side of my personality.


Revamping your style for fall with 2 trends you are already wearing

1. Lace

I picked the streets of Toronto to showcase my style revamp.  My love for the lace trend runs deep, hence I incorporated this beautiful lace top from Ladyee Boutique (on sale for $34.99) into my first fall revamp outfit. The sleeves are long and embellished and the neckline is high and detailed. I love that this top gives the illusion and feel of full coverage, but with the edge of lace for that peekaboo affect. It’s something you can dress up, down or a mix of both.

Shop lace tops


2. Bermuda shorts

The denim Bermuda shorts trend did not end with summer. The trend will most definitely continue into the Fall. The wash and treatment of this pair creates the perfect street vibe. They are long enough to still feel comfortable during this transitional weather.

I’m breaking all the rules with these white Manolo Blahnik leather pumps. Remember, fashion is the perfect way to express yourself so there really are no rules. This particular pair of white heels has just the right amount of height to be cute and comfortable.

Shop denim Bermuda shorts



I tied the whole look together with a clear Chanel cross-body bag, Chanel skinny belt (I also love this silver logo belt here), my new favorite Chloe heart-shaped sunglasses for fun, and added some color with a red fitted Tress For Us cap.


This look was all about mixing things up… lace and leather, long sleeves and shorts, classic and trendy. I love finding ways to make all the things I love come together for one solid look.

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