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Atlanta blogger Monica Awe-Etuk features all the hottest shoes trends of the season. cult gaia, marc fisher, tretorn, rejina pyo racheal zoe


Is it me or with the weather warming up, I feel the need to stock up on shoes. Lately, I find my self buying multiple shoes and not feeling bad about it! The shoe selections this season are amazing! For a girl with big feet, I have always found it hard to buy shoes I absolutely love. Growing up, I used to be self conscious of my feet because I have big feet. The older I got, I learned to be grateful for my feet because the alternative meant not having feet or not being able to walk. Hence, I have learned to love my feet and find kick-ass shoes that compliment them. Finding my size and shoes that are flattering on not just small feet is hard, but a skill I have mastered.  This time of year, it’s an opportunity to show off your feet and to be honest I’m here for it.

There are so many fabulous shoes to chose from this spring/summer season. Picking the right pair can be a little overwhelming as it is easy to over spend or pick the wrong pair. Have no fear, because I am here to point you in the right direction and to make sure you nail your shoe game this season. With so many amazing shoes in store right now, I have narrowed down your must-haves to 5 shoe styles that you absolutely NEED in your wardrobe. Clear details, strapy or ankle-tie sandals, platform, sneakers, and architectural Heels.


Unboxing 4 pairs of shoes from Cult Gaia for spring/summer

Why these 5 shoe trends are a must to nail your spring/summer style.

1.Clear or Lucite shoes

This is one trend that has taken me a minute to find the perfect pair that looks good on my big feet. With every major brand creating their own version, it’s hard not to love this sexy-barely there shoe trend. The lucite mule is my favorite as it is not only sexy but extremely versatile.

2.Wrap or ankle-tie sandals

This style of shoe continues to make an entrance year after year. It successfully reappears because of it’s ability to partner with current styles. Designers are pairing this shoe silhouette with on trend features like the square toe-front and artsy heels.


Platforms are back ya’ll! I wasn’t sure if they would make an impactful comeback this season, but they did! I love platforms for a number of reasons, with comfort and style on the top of the list. This blast from the past shoe silhouette always finds a way to make a resurgence and I am not mad about that.


The funny thing is that I never considered myself a sneaker person. Although I never considered myself a fan of these shoes, over the last two years I have become somewhat of a sneaker-head. I am obsessed with how versatile sneakers are, how they look great with every outfit, and how comfortable they are!

5.Architectural Heels

As an artist it’s no surprise that I am all for this trend. I LOVE shoes that feature architectural-inspired heels. Block heels, round heels, or art-inspired heels all add interest to your shoes. Not only are they visually cool, but they are great conversation pieces.
Give me all the shoes guys! There are so many cool shoes this season, and I strongly believe that everyone needs at least one, if not all of the shoes on this list!





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