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Wow, is six years old! I can’t believe it’s been six years. Six years of consistently posting awesome content on my blog and social media platforms. Six years of working hard. Because of you, my amazing social family, I have become a successful blogger. I have been able to do what I absolutely love for the last six years, and for that I am grateful.

(originally posted on Nov 12, 2018)

Six years strong!

Six years ago, I set out to create a blog with no idea what it would become. I started because I was told I had a unique sense of style that needed to be shared with the world. Over the last six years, I have juggled being a mom, wife, working full-time, and being a full-time blogger. Only in the last two years did I take a leap of faith and decided to blog full time. I have to say that was the best decision I ever made. In my first year of blogging full-time, my business made a profit.
This year marks my second year blogging full-time and I have almost tripled my income, bringing in what I made for the entire year last year in the first three months. This level of success does not come easy. I owe my success to a number of factors. My husband told me that we all have gifts, my gifts are connecting with people, fashion and creating content. By recognizing my gifts I was able to turn my talents into a profitable business. I have made this work because I absolutely love what I do. I work seven days a week, and do most of my own content creation. Doing most of the work is definitely time consuming, and very hard, however when you do what you love it never really feels like work.

3 tips to being a successful blogger


1). Consistency 

In order to make it as a blogger, you have to consistently create content. There are so many bloggers/content creators fighting for views that it’s easy to get left by the wayside if you are not on their radar. To ensure you stay relevant you have to consistently have fresh new content for your audience. Having new content on your website every week will keep your audience engaged, and will create a familiarity that will eventually lead to trust. Your audiences’s trust is essential to building a loyal following. In addition to creating content on your page every week, promote the content via social media to ensure individuals who don’t make it to your website, have the opportunity to see it on social.

2). Amazing content

Consistently delivering amazing content is key. Imagery is the one language we all understand, hence great photos will speak to a wider audience. If you want to make this a full time business, you must invest in either a great photographer or photography equipment. Your ability to ensure your photos stand out is extremely important as your images become your resume. Brands want to work with content creators that can convey great messages via imagery. I highly suggest that you make producing great images your number one priority.

3). Be professional

A lot of people approach blogging as one would tackle a hobby. They do not treat it like a business. People who do not approach blogging like business usually get overwhelmed when they are faced with the contracts, negotiations, responding to emails, taxes and all the other behind the scenes work that comes with the territory. Most people who tackle this space realize it’s not for them when they discover that blogging is a lot more than taking pretty photos. In a nutshell, blogging is another form of marketing, and you have to treat it that way. As a blogger, you are basically running a magazine, writing articles, selecting images, pitching to brands you want to work with etc. To successfully work with brands, and land collaborations that will make your business lucrative, you have to be professional. You have to remember that you are providing a service to your audience and your clients (the brands you work with) hence you have to be easy to work with. Always over deliver, be responsible and don’t forget to go above and beyond to ensure your clients and your followers are pleased with the content you create. 

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Thank you for being the best audience a girl could ask for. Cheers to many more successful years of blogging and using our platforms to inspire.





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  • Thank you so much for sharing your story, it’s so inspiring to me as I’m thinking of starting a lifestyle blog.
    Your Instagram page is amazing and filled with great content, how do you take the beautiful pictures you post when you travel? Do you have a photographer?

    Thank you.

  • In all honesty. These are not very helpful tips. Most bloggers know these are a must as soon as they get started…
    Excited for you that you’ve found your way, though… however that came about!