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You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to pick the right pair of sunglasses, just use my tips

Atlanta fashion bloggers Monica Awe-Etuk wearing the top 6 sunglasses trends of the season wearing round krewe sunglasses

I love sunglasses

I’m in a spring state of mind. Warmer weather and more daylight has me clearing out my draws, skimming through magazines and shopping for the perfect pair of sunglasses. I love sunglasses, and If you are like me, you love them too! They are such a fun piece of accessory to add to your daily style and I love that they  transition from season to season. I’m a fan of sunglasses that come in different shapes, sizes, and even color. My perfect pair of sunglasses leave me feeling bold yet sexy all in one. In addition to sunglasses being a major fashion statement, they are also important for our sight, and protecting our eyes from harmful uv rays. If we must wear them, we might as well look fabulous while we are at it. That is why I have put together this post highlighting what you need to know before buying your next pair of sunnies.
If you have been following me for a while you know that I am completely obsessed with all shapes and sizes of sunglasses. A lot of people tend to break or lose their sunglasses, which creates hesitation when purchasing expensive pairs. Unlike most, I tend to keep my sunglasses for quite some time. I literally have sunglasses that are over 10 years old and are still on trend funny enough. Hence I would consider myself somewhat of a sunglass connoisseur has I have a knack for picking sunglasses that will last the test of time, and sunglasses that are on trend.  

2 things to consider before selecting a pair of sunglasses

When it comes to selecting the right sunglasses you have to be mindful of two things. 1. The shape of your face and 2. Your facial features. The shape of your face and details like the size of your nose or cheek bones should all be considered before purchasing your glasses.


To be honest selecting your sunnies based on the shape of your face and your facial features only applies as a general rule. Because so many designers are being mindful of these factors they are creating glasses with details that can accommodate almost all facial shapes and features. Finding these unique pairs that suit everyone can be a little tricky. To be on the safe side, and to ensure that the selecting process is carefree, I have listed 5 face shapes and the sunglass frames that suit them best.

Selecting the right sunglasses for the shape of your face

1. round face

A round face is when the width is greater than height. The best frames for a round face are; – pointed – square – Cat eye – aviator

2. oval face:

When your faces length is slightly greater than it’s width. Your cheek bones are the widest part of the face. The best frames for a round face are; – round – square – Cat eye – aviator

3. Square face:

The width and length of the face are almost identical, with a broad chin. Try and avoid small frames. The best frames for a round face are; – large glasses – round – Cat eye – aviator

4. Rectangle:

This is when your face is longer than it is wide. The forehead, cheekbones, and jaw are all of similar width. Like square frames avoid small frames; – large oversized – large aviators – oversized round

5. Heart shape face:

This is when your chin is the narrowest part of your face, and your forehead is the widest. Try and avoid frames that cover your eyebrows or are oversized. The best frames for a round face are; – small frames – round – aviators

The 7 most popular shapes of the season are

  1. square sunglasses
  2. cat-eye sunglasses
  3. round sunglasses
  4. visor sunglasses
  5. extra small frames
  6. logo sunglasses
  7. updated aviator

The designers that are killing it

With so many designers creating absolutely stunning sunglasses right now, I decided to highlight 10 brands that are killing the sunglass game right now at all price-points.

under $250

Ray-ban (average $100)

Le Spec (average $60)

J.Crew (average $65)

Quay (average $60)

Westward Leaning (average $185)

over $250

Gucci (average $500)

Celine (average $400)

Chloe (average $400)

Karen Walker (average $250)

Krewe (average $250)

I ask you to share your favorite sunglass styles, and to encourage other women to look through their lenses differently with style. Never hesitate to have fun with your fashion, especially your accessories





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