ASK AN EXPERT | January 16, 2020

Hair tutorial | How to achieve a top bun for short natural hair in minutes


Can you guess what my most asked hair question is? If you guessed; How do I achieve my signature hair bun, and top bun, you guessed right. Time is a luxury when you are a wife, mom of two, run a 24/7 business, and take care of the household. Not having a lot of time is no excuse for bad hair days. Having perfect hair is a must. If your days are hectic like mine, you need fast ways to get your hair looking its best. If you need a fast, and seamless way to achieve perfect hair in minutes, then check out my top bun tutorial video. In the video, I walk you through my time effective process, and show you how easy it is to achieve great hair in minutes.


Products used in this top bun tutorial are available in my Youtube video caption here

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If you guys find this top bun tutorial helpful or you have any other questions on the products I use in this top bun tutorial or you would like other hair tutorials, let me know with your comments.



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