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What you need to pack when traveling with kids to a remote destination

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One of the best life events is being able to not only teach your children about their culture, but to physically show them about their culture. As you know, we recently got back from Nigeria and if you’ve ever traveled with kids, it can bring about stress, anxiety or questions. Will they travel well on the plane? What do I bring to keep them entertained on the plane and when we arrive? What happens if they get sick or injured? Traveling with kids to a remote location can seem stressful, overwhelming, and if you haven’t had much experience confusing on where to begin.
As someone who has traveled multiple times with my kids internationally, one question I am asked is how do I prepare? What are the top essential items to ensure a smooth flight, fun trip, and keep yourself covered with any mishaps. I’ve learned from trial and error, which another day I’ll share those stories. To keep you from the same trial and error, check out my top must haves when traveling to a remote area with kids.

13 must haves when traveling to a remote area with kids

  1. Hand sanitizer – Not always easy to wash your hands and keep germs away. Always travel with hand sanitizer.
  2. First aid/prescription kit – Whenever traveling its always a good idea to have some handy items in case of an emergency. Items like bandaid, thermometer, vitamins, allergy medicine because you never know when you get into a new environment and stirs up allergens, pain or fever medicine, nasal spray if headed to drier climate to help reduce nose bleeds and any prescribe medicine to name a few.
  3. Wipes – Such a convenient and easy way to wipe up messes or clean up during your travels. Let’s face it, kids can make a mess at any point.
  4. Toys/Activity book/Games/Coloring Books – On a long flight, I have found aside from the in flight entertainment, having activities for the kids is a good way to pass time and keep them from being bored.
  5. Snacks! Snacks! Snacks!
  6. Gum!! – So helpful if your child is of age with the ear popping at take off or landing. Some kids are sensitive to the ear popping or don’t know how to. Treat it like a treat or reward.
  7. Extra set of clothes – Never know when there might be an accident or missing luggage.
  8. Head pillow – I love the memory foam head pillows. So nice for restful sleep away from your bed.
  9. Sunscreen – It speaks for itself. During vacation in summer many people are outdoors, always protect your kids eyes from UV Rays!
  10. Mosquito Repellent – It’s that time of year and mosquitos and ticks are prevalent both in the US and internationally. Take full precautions to protect your kids.
  11. Toilet seat cover – Not everyone is a germaphobe but toilet seat covers are an easy way to keep germs down and ensure bathroom trips don’t become a nightmare.
  12. Water Bottle – Yes snacks are offered on flights or when out and about can grab a drink, I find water bottles to be easy because the kids always have them and can drink at their leisure.
  13. Head phones – Not everyone wants to listen to kids cartoons in flight. Perfect way for the kids to zone out and enjoy their entertainment.
Have the best vacation guys and don't forget to pack all these essentials. You can never go wrong with being over prepared!





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