FASHION AND STYLE | June 12, 2019

40 is the new 40 – living, looking, and loving my best at 40!

Woke up feeling extremely grateful! Today I celebrate another year around the sun and usher in a new decade. Today is my 40th birthday and I feel nothing but blessed to see where life has me. I’m truly living my best life as a wife, mom and in my career. As I reflect on the past decade, there are so many memorable moments from becoming a mom to two incredible children to walking away from a comfortable job to pursue my love of being a full time fashion blogger.  These moments have helped me build upon who I am, who I desire to be, motivate me to continue turning my dreams into reality and keep me grounded in always living my authentic self.  
If your wondering why I am so excited and why I keep smiling at turning 40, reality is I am in love with this life I have built and age won’t take that love away. Age won’t take away my love of family and friends, my love of good food and yummy desserts, my love for travel, my love for girls night out and dancing, and surely not my love of fashion. With age comes wisdom and knowledge. I can’t wait to continue sharing my knowledge of fashion, lifestyle, travel and beauty with you. Here’s to a decade of living my best life with my incredible family, friends, and beautiful followers! 
Atlanta fashion and lifestyle blogger Monica wearing a floral gown for her 40th birthday_- wearing cult gaia earrings, and needle and thread pink gown



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Turning 40 in style

This past weekend I had the pleasure of celebrating my life and accomplishments at American Cut in Buckhead Atlanta. I had family and friends come in from all over the world. We wined and dined in style. Because I am a fashion blogger extortioner, my number one birthday request to my guest was that everyone looked exquisite. Let’s just say I wasn’t disappointed. The men wore all black and the women wore all white.
I literally had the time of my life and would not change one moment of the night. We dined in a private room at one of the best steak houses in Atlanta. Before I decided to celebrate Awed by Monica on my birthday, my friend/planner asked me what I envisioned and needless to say everything I saw when I closed my eyes was present on my special day. White flowers accented with soft pink flowers complimented by candle light. An exquisite menu featuring all my favorites. (I am drooling thinking about it). To end the night we headed upstairs to the Regent Club and danced the night away. It was truly an amazing night that I will never forget.

click on the play button to

experience the party

Atlanta fashion and lifestyle blogger Monica Awe-Etuk, awed by moni 40th birthday cake
Atlanta fashion and lifestyle blogger Monica wearing a floral gown for her 40th birthday, 40 birthday party ideas
I truly appreciate you all and I encourage you to celebrate yourself whenever you can, we only live once, so cherish the moments you have with your loves ones and never apologize for who you are.





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