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Wella hair color

Why it took me so long to color my hair

I have never dyed my hair before for a variety of reasons, however the biggest reason was that I didn’t want to lose all my hair! I have heard so many horror stories when it comes to dying hair, that I just thought it wasn’t for me. My hair is also natural and extremely fine, hence I believed that dying my hair would severely damage my hair. I also believed that the older I got, I would lose hair, hence all these factors contributed to me believing that highlights weren’t for me.

Why I only trusted Wella Professionals to color my hair

In the back of my mind, I always wanted to dye my hair, but just never had the guts to do it. To be honest I have always been a creature of habit, and once I found a hair style that I liked, I would stick to it. Through blogging I have become open to trying new things, hence I can say I am no longer a creature of habit. I also realized that I wasn’t asking the right questions, nor did I consult with the right people when it came to coloring natural hair.

When I started my ambassadorship with Wella Professionals almost six months ago, I wasn’t sure If I had what it took to do something drastic with my hair like adding color and trying a new hair cut. However the team at  Wella paired me with a stylist that specialized in coloring natural hair and achieving healthy natural hair. After consulting with the Wella certified stylist Angela, and conducting a little research of my own, I was more than convinced that I was in the right hands.

Not only did she select an amazing color plan for me using Wella Professionals products, she mapped out how I would grow my hair, and tips on how to maintain the hair in-between my appointments. Walking in I had a particular haircut in mind, however, she selected a haircut that would better fit my hair type and easy to manage between my visits back to the salon. In terms of care Angela recommended the Wella FUSIONPLEX Intense Repair Shampoo + Conditioner to keep my hair healthy after the color service. She also emphasized the importance of using the FUSIONPLEX products regularly as these products would penetrate the hair at the core to keep the bonds and hair fibers strong. 

The reveal

“I am so happy I got the guts to go bold with my look. My new hairdo has empowered me to make changes not just to my appearance, but to my blog and business. The sky is the limit!”


Guys, it’s never too late to take bold steps when it comes to your hair. Thanks to my Wella partnership, I have a totally new look that I absolutely love! I will continue to use my Wella hair products to maintain my color, grow my style my hair.  

Thank you Wella Hair USA for partnering on this post





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