What to give, do and wear for Mother’s Day while under quarantine

I can’t believe Mother’s Day is right around the corner! Like seriously, where is this year flying to! The fact the year is moving fast is probably a good thing considering 2020 hasn’t been the best year so far lol. I do believe that the end of the year will hold blessings for all of us, so let these hard times continue to fly by!
AnyWho, Mother’s Day is in less than a week, and have you thought about what you will wear, do, give, or want to receive for this year‘s Mother’s Day? If you are a little unsure, have no fear, because today’s post highlights all the above. Check out my new YouTube video, featuring five spring 2020 outfits that are comfortable, stylish, and can be worn for Mother’s Day while social distancing. In addition to the video, I am offering five gift suggestions, and five things to do this Mother’s Day.


Watch my 5 spring 2020 outfits to wear for Mother’s Day video HERE



5 fail proof Mother’s day gift ideas 

If there was ever a time when being a mother was difficult, it is now. Not only are we taking care of our children, and households, we have also become their educators during social distancing. That is why it’s important to give the mothers in your life gifts that make life a little easier. Here are some fail-proof gifts to make mom‘s life easier this Mother’s Day. Scroll down to watch my Youtube video explaining why I picked these items.

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1 \ 2 \ 3 \ 4 \ 5


Watch my Youtube video explaining why I picked these items for Mother’s Day HERE


What to wear for Mother’s Day

  This mother’s Day, I plan to be comfortable and super stylish! Here are three out of the five looks featured in my new Youtube video. The fun thing about these looks is that they are probably already in your closet. Check out the video, and use the styling tips in the video to recreate the looks with items that are already in your wardrobe. Which look is your favorite?

Shop the look


Shop the look


Shop the look


5 things to do for Mother’s Day while under quarantine 

I have been thinking about what I will do this Mother’s Day for quite some time. Considering that brunch, spa, and most of the things I would usually do are out of the question, I decided to make this Mother’s Day as memorable as possible for myself. here are some ideas to ensure that this Mother’s Day is as relaxing as possible.

1. A full day of Netflix and chill. Here are five shows that I have watched, and are highly entertaining. They are perfect for a day of relaxation!

    1.  Tiger king

    2.  Ozark

    3.  Hollywood

    1. #BlackAF

    2.  Colony


2. Order your favorite dish from your favorite local restaurant.

3. Have a Zoom party. Get a DJ and either Have a Zoom party, or get all your best mom pals to jump on a conference call, and party/catch up while you sip on your favorite drinks.

4. Take at least one hour off where you do absolutely nothing! No kids or husband allowed

5. Have your kids, and husband, create a spa day for you. Whether it’s filling the tub for a bubble bath, or getting them to massage your feet, get them to create the perfect spa experience for you, trust me it will be fun!

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What will you wear, do, give or want to receive for Mother’s Day? Let me know with your comments below.




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