GIFT GUIDE | December 11, 2019

Need a White Elephant gift, here are 16 under $30!

I Is it me or are White Elephant gifts one of the hardest gifts to get? I don’t know if it’s trying to get the perfect gift that everyone wants that makes it difficult or deciding whether to get a fun gift or getting something as simple as a gift card. One thing is for certain, I enjoy being thoughtful with my gifts. Seeing people excited for the gift and using the gift all year. Do you need a White Elephant gift and needing ideas on what to get? This holiday season it’s all about minimizing stress and living in the moment. So get your notepad and pens ready because in today’s post, I’m sharing the stress free, no hassle, thoughtful yet creative gifts that will surely leave the lucky winner excited to use all year.
Atlanta fashion blogger Monica Awe-Etuk in red Helmut Lang coat, black beret, black balenciaga sock boots selects the perfect holiday gifts for the favorite people in your life, white elephant gifts, white elephant, what to get for a white elephant, secret santa

Shop my White Elephant/Secret Santa gift ideas as low as $6.99 and all under $30!

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Alright guys, there you have it, 16 awesome White Elephant gifts perfect for your co-workers, friends, family or whomever. These no-brainer gifts are sure to deem you as the perfect gift giver this holiday season.





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